Quality Meat Scotland Choose Our Lambing Camera

Quality Meat Scotland Choose Our Lambing Camera

Quality Meat Scotland Choose Our Lambing Camera

A few weeks ago we were privileged to have our lambing camera chosen for use by Quality Meat Scotland in a project which opened the lambing sheds of a Scottish farmer to the public via live cameras.


Image from Quality Meat Scotland – Link

Many of us remember enjoying the two week dive into the world of lambing which BBC Lambing Live provided us last year in 2014. The same family which hosted the experience for viewers has once again opened their lambing sheds open to over 100,000 members of the public, as part of a Quality Meat Scotland LambCam project.

The “Lamb Cam” lambing camera

The project was taken on-board by the Dykes family who run South Slipperfield Farm, West Linton. Agreeing to install the Lambing Camera camera within the roof of their lambing shed, the family were able to share the daily goings on during lambing season for farmers, sharing the ups and downs of lambing over 950 ewes.

Farmers work round the clock throughout lambing season, and so it’s hoped that the camera will provide the public with further insight into the hard work and commitment that goes into rearing high quality livestock.

The “LambCam” system used by the Dykes family was installed by Farmers Eye and enabled the footage to be streamed from the lambing shed to those watching online.

QMS said “The feedback we have had from the public has been brilliant and made the logistical challenge of getting a widely accessible live stream from a lambing shed for the first time in Scotland all very much worthwhile.”

The lambing camera also streamed live action from the lambing shed from 6pm – 9pm on the evenings of Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March – the busiest days in the shed.

A Great Experience!

“Lambing Live last year was an incredible experience to be part of which our whole family enjoyed. It was also a really self-reflective process and made us really appreciate what we have,” said Hamish Dykes. “We were delighted to get involved with the QMS “LambCam” project this year, and have been amazed just how popular the video diaries and live streams have been.”

It’s been a great honour for us to provide the lambing cameras to the Dykes family at South Slipperfield Farm and hope that everyone enjoyed the lambing experience provided by Quality Meat Scotland.

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