Questions To Ask Your Supplier

It’s not all about specification and cost.

What is the warranty on the camera?

The shorter the warranty, the less faith they have in their equipment. At Farmer’s Eye we offer a market leading 3 year warranty of all of our camera equipment.

What make is the camera? How often do they issue firmware fixes? How will I be able to update the firmware?

Firmware is the computer program that makes cameras work. Out of date firmware often has holes that hackers can exploit. It's important that firmware updates, are issued and applied to your online devices regularly. Farmer’s Eye only choose cameras where manufacturers and third-party security experts are looking for. and fixing security issues - keeping your business safer from hackers.

If I have a problem, how do I get support?

Modern security devices interface with lots of different devices (your router, your laptop, your phone, other connected devices such as dairy equipment). Anyone of those devices could cause your systems to stop working. It's important that you have access to help when you need it – that’s why Farmer’s Eye have decided to offer help and support via our dedicated 7 day a week help line.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Some suppliers will charge you an annual fee to access your cameras. 4G camera systems all have a SIM card cost. Some apps need a monthly payment. Knowing the ongoing costs lets you compare quotes.

How long have you been installing security cameras? How many cameras have you personally installed on farms?

This will let you know if they know how farms work and what you need to see. We are farm specialists and have been installing exclusively on farms since 2010 – we know what works and what doesn’t.

Will these cameras or apps interfere with any other equipment on my farm?

The truthful answer is no one can really tell before hand – you should be looking for the supplier’s ability to help you problem solve if there is an issue. What is the supplier going to do to get you back online if the new cameras knock off your dairy equipment?

Can I use the full resolution of the camera over a 4G connection?

People often think that the more megapixels you have the better, and they will push megapixels and resolution as a key specification. With our experience we have learnt that this is NOT always the case and, especially with 4G cameras or those you are viewing remotely, the resolution you set the camera at is vital for its proper functioning – if it’s too high it won’t work properly – you often need settings that are significantly less than the camera supports.

When was a ‘backdoor’ or security issue last found in the cameras or apps? How long did it take for a fix to be issued? How would I get the fix applied to my cameras? How safe and secure is the app?

If the answer is ‘never’ then it’s probably not true as EVERY camera manufacturer we have come across HAS had security issues discovered with them at some point in their history. You need to know that there is a process for finding and fixing the security issues that will almost certainly arise.

Farmers Eye are here to help! Call us for advice on any of our products or services – 01382 217 377