Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of frequently asked questions with answers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products though.

CCTV – Common

Do I need a good internet connection for the system to work?

No internet connection is required for the camera to work within your farm. An internet connection is only required if you want to watch the cameras remotely (whilst you are out shopping or on holiday). In most cases the internet connection that you find on farms we find is suitable, but if remote viewing is critical to you we will ensure that your connection is good enough as part of our survey.

Are your cameras hard wired or wireless?

Our cameras are hard wired from their mounting position to a control unit which in turn is connected to a wireless transmitter that beams the pictures to your house or office.

CCTV – Livestock

Is the night vision good enough for calving?

Our cameras have excellent night visions – you can check out our demo videos here. All of our customers so far have been impressed by the clarity and feel that it is good enough for night time calving.

Do I need a microphone?

Our customers say this is one of the most useful features of our system. Being experienced stock-men they can often tell from the sound a beast makes if they need to head down and give a helping hand. Additionally, it can give peace of mind to those at home that they can hear if you are in trouble with a difficult calving.