5 Features found on CCTV cameras – that are great for farms

5 Features found on CCTV cameras – that are great for farms

The Technology in CCTV cameras that are used on farms has advanced over the last few years to include new security features such as thermal imaging, advanced night vision and number plate detection. These modern features help you deter intruders, receive alerts in real-time and record number plates that can all reduce the impact on you of a farm robbery. This article will look at these camera features in more detail.

Innovative Farm Camera Features


1. Motion Sensitive Alerts – to warn you of intruders on your farm

Whilst not a new feature, motion detection by cameras is finally becoming accurate enough to be useful. In the past, even a leaf blowing in the wind could result in a false reading. Nowadays, modern security cameras are between 70-90% accurate and have a much lower false alarm rate.
There is also an option to draw a virtual line whereby an alert won’t be triggered unless cars or people cross this virtual boundary.

2. Improved Night Vision Technology

In 2022, you have two main options for night vision on security cameras, enhanced Infra-Red (Black and White) camera or cameras that try to see in full colour, even in the pitch black by using White Light.
The use of white light is an exciting development as the white light acts as an excellent deterrent (see below) BUT more importantly can gather great evidence for the police (e.g. The colour of the thieves clothes etc).
Currently we tend to choose the Enhanced IR cameras as these tend to work best for farms where there is little ambient light and they have a greater range of detection.  They also try harder to stay in full colour longer into the night and if you have enough ambient light might never switch to black and white.

At the moment both solutions are great and it is really a personal preference as to which is best.

3. Intruder Deterrents – stop thieves BEFORE they get on your farm

Cameras for farms traditionally just recorded activity on the farm. Now they can both alert you AND feature as an ACTIVE deterrent. This means that the cameras can automatically detect an intruder and then:

  1. Send you an alert to the fact that intruders are on the farm.
  2. Use both white strobe light and a pre-recorded message to alarm the intruder as well as notify them that they have been detected.
  3. You can view the intruders on your phone and use the live-talk feature to allow you to inform them that you have notified the police.

With an active deterrent system, the intruders will have less time on site thereby minimising the losses you might experience.

4. Licence Plate Reading – know exactly who has visited the farm

All security cameras will be able to record vehicle registrations in daylight at some point within their range. However, you will need a specialist camera to register the licence plates of cars through the glare of the bright headlights during the hours of darkness. Knowing a registration plate can significantly improve the chances of identifying and catching a thief, so it’s worth investing in a licence plate reading (LPR) camera that can work during darkness.
These cameras are getting much better and much cheaper making them a definite option that is especially useful for busy farms.
What’s even better is, with a click of a mouse, they will now AUTOMATICALLY find the plates for you.  This is fantastic for saving you time trawling through footage, quickly letting you know exactly who that dodgy looking vehicle your neighbour saw was.

5. Affordable Thermal Detection for farms

Thermal detection used to be domain of only the advanced military organisation but is now very reasonably priced and is an exciting option for the use on farms and rural properties.
Thermal cameras can show both the thermal imaging AND a regular picture image. Thermal cameras are also among the most accurate for avoiding false detections and can even help with early fire detection. Additionally, they can work through mist and smoke where traditional security camera would not.
Thermal cameras are now available for nearly all budgets and we feel they will become a vital tool for most farmers in the near future.


Farm security systems and CCTV for farms are becoming increasingly sophisticated and affordable.  The new features can all act together to create a system that ACTIVELY helps to protect your farm.

If you would like to find out more about any of the features described here, please call us.