Why Use Farmers Eye?



Over the last 11 years we have built up a business for farmers and only farmers almost exclusively by word of mouth.  We know that we NEED to do a good job and provide great customer service if we are to grow.  We pride ourselves in our honesty, integrity, and customer service. 

We promise that if you have any issues with your system – give us some time to fix things – if we can’t? Just return the main items and we will issue you a full refund. 


Profesional Cameras

We only supply professional cameras from the biggest suppliers of CCTV in the world, so when things go wrong fixes are put in place very quickly. For example, if the cameras are hacked firmware updates are rolled out quickly. If Apple or Android change things that break the app – a new app update is rolled out usually very quickly.

Secure Cameras & Apps

We only use cameras from the major suppliers, this means third party security experts are constantly testing them trying to find security issues. When you add cameras to your home network and/or add apps to your phones and computers you need to be sure you are not introducing a ‘back door’ for hackers. With the cameras we use, you massively reduce the risks that you may ‘inadvertently’ be adding a hacking risk to your network.

Build Quality

The build quality of the cameras we buy is far superior to the cheaper cameras on the market. With cheaper cameras things like turning the screws whilst mounting often rounds the heads off the screws. This making further maintenance very difficult.

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Farm-Proofed Kits

We ‘farm proof’ all our kits this means it’s not just the camera that is water and dust proof but the whole kit. This ensures that your systems will stay working despite the tough environmental conditions found on your farm.

Farm Specialists

We have been installing cameras on farms and only farms since 2010. We understand what farmers need to see, how farmers operate and how farms are usually set up for technology. It’s highly unlikely you will come across a problem that we have not already found a fix for. For example, what do you do if the new cameras interfere with other technology such as dairy equipment? Don’t worry we have you covered.

Help Desk - Technical Specialists

HELP DESK MANNED BY TECHNICAL SPECIALSISTS - All our installers and support engineers have formal accredited CCTV and/or Alarm training. That alongside our years of experience and our fully manned support desk means we will be available and able to help you with any problems that occur during or after your installation. Our team are also available to you if you get a new phone, new router or wish to upgrade your system’s firmware. For the first year this service is totally free and ongoing use of the help desk is low cost.

Three Year Warranty

As a result of ALL OF THE ABOVE we are able to offer an extended
 on all the equipment we install within our farm proofed kits.

Farmers Eye are here to help! Call us for advice on any of our products or services – 01382 217 377