The Bulldog TR20 GPS Tracker

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The Bulldog TR20 GPS Tracker is one of the most highly featured GPS trackers available.

With the Bulldog TR20 GPS Tracker you will enjoy battery life of up to 160 hours, in built phone with SOS function, listen in function to monitor the GPS local environment and geo-fences to name a few. The TR20 is great for lone workers or the elderly as it offers full “Man Down” functionality alerting a pre-programmed numbers in the event that the person wearing the tracker falls to the ground.

Not only is the TR20 small and lightweight, it is waterproof to IP65 meaning you can take pretty much anywhere. Your TR20 will give you accurate location information via our smartphone app or online via our tracking service and using the latest high grade GPS technology ensures that location information can be accurate up to 2.5m.

The TR20 is more than just a tracker, it’s more of a security and safety “buddy” featuring SOS phone alert facility and proactive ‘man down’ calling should anything happen to the user. This great feature is ideal for the elderly where they may fall or trip and be unable to make a call. The TR20 will sense the fall and after a preconfigured time, call preset numbers and provide full GPS co-ordinates of the user.

The TR20 is fully compatible with our tracking service and offers 3 modes of communication and monitoring:

– via the internet or through our smart phone app with location information and offers push notifications of important events
– can make and receive phone calls, with automatic calling in the event of a fall
– can send SMS with key information, alerts and tracker location with integrated Google Map links

The TR20 is widely used amongst by those looking to keep family safe and in need of a quickly deployed tracking solution.



Security through strength


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