Single Tank Lock

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Single Tank Lock

Secures the oil tank’s inspection hole Suitable for single skin or bunded oil tanks (note: on bunded oil tanks, this single lock is fitted to the inner tank). The Single Lock protects the inspection hole on the oil tank, which is otherwise left vulnerable. Price includes vent cover, if applicable (i.e. if oil tank has exposed vent).

To suit:

TITAN – Single Skinned: H1300, H1800, H2500, LP1200, R1000, R1225, V1300, V2500

TITAN –  bunnded: ES1000B, ES1225B, ES1300B, ES1800B, ES2500B, ESLP1200B, ESV1300B, ESV2500B

DESO – Singled Skinned: H1235, H1900, H2500, LP1230, R1220, V1340, V2455, V3300, V5000

DESO – Bunded: H1235B, H1800B, H2500B, LP1200B, R1220B, SL1000B, SL1400B, SL450B, V1340B, V1340DD, V2455B,  V3500B, V5000B

QSS: Single skinned oil tanks

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