Spypoint TINY-W3 Trail/Surveillance Camera

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The TINY-4G features:

• Combination of a TINY-PLUS camera with a BLACKBOX™-D Controller
• Control the Camera and view/delete images remotely

The TINY-W3 camera system is an excellent choice for observers that want to avoid disturbing their monitored spots. The BLACKBOX™-D/BLACKBOX™-4G controller allows photos to be viewed/deleted remotely and control the settings of the cameras.

It’s possible to combine up to 10 TINYPLUS cameras (sold separately) to the BLACKBOX™-D/BLACKBOX™-4G and individually control them.

The BLACKBOX-4G™ controller allows photos to be sent by MMS, email or to the user’s account via and requires a SIM card.

The Tiny-W3 is identical to the Tiny-3 in every way other than it is sold with the SpyPoint Blackbox-D™.

The Blackbox-D™ is a remote storage device that can simultaneously receive images from up to ten Tiny-3 cameras, which can be positioned up to 150m (500ft) away. Images are stored on an internal SD/SDHC memory card (up to 32GB) where they can be reviewed on the built in 2.4” viewing screen. The viewing screen allows zooming and panning of the stored still images. There is also a “Live View” mode where one image per second is sent from any of the cameras linked to the Blackbox-D™.

The Blackbox-D™ is perfectly suited to applications where it would be unsuitable or impractical to disturb cameras. Via the Blackbox-D™ it is possible to setup and delete images stored on any camera connected to it, when individual Tiny-3 cameras are powered by the optional Solar Panel they could theoretically be operated indefinitely without any physical intervention.

  • 10 MP still pictures
  • HD (720p) movies with sound (1280×720 AVI)
  • 2.4” viewing/setup screen
  • Adjustable operation time
  • Up to 6 images captured per triggering
  • Compact
  • Remos technology compatible
  • Wireless backup of still images to the included Blackbox-D™
  • Up to 10 Tiny-3 cameras can be backed up to a Blackbox-D™
  • Solar Panel compatible
  • Available in Camo & Black
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