SpinSecure 2in TankLock

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SpinSecure 2in TankLock

Spinsecure TankLock is a locking device that will fit to a standard 2″ fill point inlet on a fuel tank. Its clever design utilises Spin Secure technology in that when the cap is locked it spins freely and is almost impossible to remove. Most existing locking caps are supplied in two pieces and are often secured in place using low quality padlocks which can easily be removed or broken.  TankLock eliminates this problem due to its one piece padlock free design and as a result there are NO torque points for forced entry using crow bars ensuring your tank contents are as safe and secure as possible.

This product is for a standard 2″ male fill male fill point but can be adapted to a 2″ female be using an adapter (see related products)


  • Does not require a padlock.
  • Eliminates “crow-bar” access.
  • For use on 2″ MALE threads.
  • Machined from a non-ferrous hard Zinc Alloy.
  • Rubber gasket seal to prevent leaks.
  • High security numbered lock with over 50,000 combinations.
  • Complete with 3 keys.
  • Multiple key configurations available.
  • Weatherproof/’o’-ring sealed self closing cover.
  • Integrated safety thermal relief.
  • No sealants or adhesive required.
  • No installation tools required.

Why use it on your farm?

This clever device that will help to prevent someone stealing your fuel by syphoning from the inlet nozzle. This will be most effective against opportunists or worker theft, but will also deter a planned attack.  Will be best employed alongside other measures such as security lighting, fuel alarms, positioning of tank in more secure area etc.


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