Mobeye 2300 WaterGuard FS

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Fully featured Float Sensor Water level indicator. Including: Battery Powered, Mains Powered, Level detection alerts, Mains power failure alerts, Mains power restored alerts, SMS and call alerts up to 5 numbers. 


Mobeye 2300 WaterGuard FS

Fully featured Float Sensor Water level indicator. The sensor expertly reports water leakage via telephone call and SMS message. 


  • Battery Powered
  • Mains Powered
  • Level detection alerts
  • Mains power failure alerts
  • Mains power restored alerts
  • SMS and call alerts up to 5 numbers

The float sensor is battery powered and attaches to the main unit which is placed within the water storage area. The water level alarm also features two additional inputs (NO/NC) which allows the sensor to monitor much more. The sensor is easily programmed and can send SMS and phone call alerts up to five mobile numbers.

Full Specification:

1 Float sensor
2 (NO or NC)

User interface
Switch button
1x status LED

80x60x40 mm

(Alarm) messages
SMS / call at water alarm
SMS / call at activating the input
SMS at low batteries
SMS test messages (“keep alive”)
In case of external power:
SMS at power failure
SMS at power restoration

Status reports and settings report at request via SMS text messages

PIN code security for configuration

Configuration via SMS text message:
Telephone numbers (max. 5)
identification and alarm texts
power failure delay time
input as NO or NC
input delay times
frequency of test messages

Power supply
Batteries: 2x CR123 Lithium (included)
Optional: 12VDC (220V net adapter available, art. nr. 10027)

Battery life time
> 1 year under normal use

Float sensor
Cable: 1.5 meter

Dimensions: 52x32x14mm

Ambient temperature
-10°C – +50°C

Quad band EGSM 900/1800 – 850/1900 Mhz



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