Double Tank Lock

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Double Tank Lock

Secures the tank’s fill point & inspection hole Suitable for single skin or bunded oil tanks (note: on bunded oil tanks, this double lock is fitted to the inner tank). The Double Lock protects two vulnerable outlets of an oil tank – the inspection hole, and fill point. Price includes vent cover, if applicable (i.e. if oil tank has exposed vent).

A double lock is Available for the following models of Fuel Tank:  (If you are unsure please contact us and we will help)

TITAN – Single Skinned: H1250, H1300, H1800, H2500, LP1200, R1000, R1225, V1300, 2500

TITAN – Bunded: ES1000B, ES1225B, ES1300B, ES1800B, ES2500B, ESLP1200B, ESV1300B, ESV2500B

DESO – Singled Skinned: H1235, H1900, H2500, LP1230, R1220, V1340, V2455

DESO – Bunded: LP1200B, R1220B, SL1000B, SL1400B, V1340DD, V3500B


QSS: Single skinned oil tanks

BALMORAL: BRM1135, BRM2500, BRMLP1230, H1590, H2500, SL1250, V2270, V2600, V3455, V5455


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