Bulldog PP10 Tracker

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Bulldog PP10 Tracker

Protect your farm vehicles with this tracker which comes with a free smart phone app.  This is a great low cost DIY tracker device that comes with everything you need for two years, and then only costs £25.00 per year there after.  Which is next to nothing when compared to other tracking systems.

  • The PP10 comes with everything you need for the next 2 years.
  • There is no need to buy a SIM or top up.
  • You never pay for searches and there are no limits to how often you can check the trackers location, so you dont need to worry about running up an unexpecteed bill.
  • When the 2 years is up you can buy another year of service for just £25.

Know your vehicle is safe:

With the PP10 tracker, you know where your vehicle is 24 hours a day and you get an alert the minute it is moved. So you know it’s ok and you will be the first to know if it is stolen.

The FREE App (for Apple and Android Devices) lets you check your vehicle’s location at anytime. as well as leting you set up Movement Alerts that will email you if it is moved. Access to the App is completely free.

The PP10 tracker uses GPS to locate your vehicle to within 5 meters  and then sends the location to the App using the mobile networks. It even works when your vehicle is parked up or has been towed away.

The tracker is small and can easily be fitted out of sight, it can be fitted DIY.  It connects to the vehicle/trailer electrics so it’s always on but uses hardly any charge, so it doesn’t affect the performance of the vehicle.

You can test Bulldogs own tracker 24 hours a day. Simply use your smart phone to download the free ‘pinpointpal’ App from the Apple or Android App Store and enter the following when prompted:


Password: test123

See for yourself how easy it is.

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